Tina Leonard
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Never Say Never

About the Book

Even a frozen heart can melt in holiday heat.

Dustin Reed has enough on his plate trying to run his ranch while raising his young son alone. The last thing he needs is for his new housekeeper to show up with a tiny baby in her arms.

Jill McCall was all set to make a good first impression on her new boss. But the moment she sets foot on the porch with the infant she discovers on Dustin’s doorstep, the misunderstandings begin. It’s not her baby—someone left it there for him.

Dustin can’t find it in his embittered heart to turn either the child or soft, pretty Jill away. And as they settle in, Dustin finds himself envisioning a future with her, the kind of future he stopped hoping for a long time ago. But ranch life is rough, and the fight Dustin faces to keep his own child is about to get even rougher…challenging the notion that Christmas is a season of miracles.

Re-Print of 1997: