Tina Leonard, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Cowboy Cootchie-Coo

About the Book

Fairhave, Texas — Population 384, 385, 386

The townsfolk were buzzing at the Yellowjacket Cafe. Out on the Double D Ranch, there was a downright population explosion!

Seems when the hard-lovin’ but commitment-shy cowboy Brant Durning left town on a cattle-buying trip three months ago, he’d decided sweet Grace Barclay was everything he could want in a wife. If only he’d been the marrying kind.

Brant got a shocker when he came back to the Double D and found out he was gonna be an uncle…But just wait till he finds out he’s gonna be a daddy!


There have been two reprints that are also currently out of print:

Greatest Texas Love Stories of All Time (reissues) – 17
Lone Star Lullabies
Harlequin (2003)